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Galvanized Steel Buildings

Quality  Designed  Delivered

Steel Buildings

Quality  Designed  Delivered

Steel Buildings

Quality  Designed  Delivered

Steel Buildings

Quality  Designed  Delivered

Experience that’s earned the trust of thousands of building owners.




Top 5 reasons to choose a QuickSteel Building

Get quotes in minutes – directly from the manufacturer.

Our quoting process uses high-tech, real-time engineering so we can provide you an accurate quote in minutes, not in days. Read More

Designed, engineered, and delivered in as little as 2-3 weeks.

Our unique process makes us among the very fastest producers of steel buildings in the country. Read More

Ultra-strong, corrosion-resistant galvanized framing comes standard

Our standard framing members are formed from G-90 galvanized steel, meaning your entire building – from the ground up – has maximum protection against corrosion. (red oxide can be quoted upon request) Read More

Multiple beautiful designs to choose from with no extra lead-time

Our robust engineering and production processes allow us to maintain our industry-leading lead-times on our Dutch Barn, American Barn, or Gable style buildings. If you do choose a “custom-plus” option, which can extend the time-frames, we are still among the industry leaders in delivery times. Read More

Unique, slab-to-building engineering and connections save time and money

Engineered foundation drawings come standard with our buildings – a savings of hundreds of dollars (up to a savings of over a thousand dollars on some buildings). Additionally, our foundations are designed to use up to 25% less concrete in the footers, which also adds significant savings. Read More



  • please note if doors will be in gable walls or sidewalls
  • please note if windows will be in gable walls or sidewalls
  • If you have a drawing or file you’d like to send to accompany your request, please email to: [email protected]

Building Types


Gable style buildings feature a conventional roofline with large, open space inside.  Multiple configurations are available, including lean-tos on any wall for additional space.

Dutch Barn

Dutch Barn style buildings feature a gambrel roofline, creating a unique farm-styled appearance.  The large overhead space is commonly used with a mezzanine to create a second story, doubling the usable space for the foundation size.

American Barn

American Barn style buildings capture the classic American farmland look.  Whether you are using the wings as stables or you simply like the iconic design, this galvanized steel building is sure to add character to your “homestead”.

Airplane Hangar

Airplane Hangars by QuickSteel Buildings are the perfect way to protect your investment.  With widths of up to 100’ available, protect any small-to-medium sized airplane with a hangar engineered to withstand natures nastiest surprises.

Single Slope

Single Slope buildings are perfect for everything from a multi-bay mini-storage to a mount for solar panels.  Quick to erect, this simple design can be the perfect answer to your storage needs.

2 Story Steel Building

QuickSteel Buildings offers great flexibility in options and accessories for your building.  Whether you want a cupola, extended overhangs, a wainscoting accent, a really steep roof, or a 2-story building, let us show you how easy we make it.


Whether you are looking for a strong, economical, and customizable steel building to turn into a home, or a shop or garage to complement your home, QuickSteel Buildings offer a wide range of options to choose from.


From barns to equipment shelters, from storage buildings to livestock pavilions, our buildings are a perfect solution to all of your agricultural building needs.


With multiple design options to choose from, our buildings are the perfect choice for many commercial uses. Whether it is a storefront, a manufacturing facility, or a building for some other commercial purpose, our buildings offer maximum strength, flexibility of design, and durability.

“The Pole Barn was delivered as promised. Install crew came 2 days later and did a fantastic job. They worked well together and finished our barn in 1.5 days.” K. Butler / June 2017
“I built a steel garage on the lot behind my house and the reason I went with Quick Steel Buildings is because they offered me roof top ventilation and larger windows.” Glen K. / June 2016
“I installed a barn for our tractor storage and Quick Steel Buildings was spot on and treated me really good.” Wayne N. / December 2016
Quick Steel Buildings can design and manufacture to your specific needs. Contact us to discuss your particular project.