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The market for Steel Self-Storage, RV & Boat Storage, Barndominiums, Sheds, Garages, Warehouses, Grow Houses, Agricultural, Industrial, Retail, and Metal Commercial Space is exploding due to their quality and cost efficiency.

Cold formed buildings like Quicken’s are quicker to design, deliver, and install. They consist of 100% factory roll-formed parts, greatly reducing the need for onsite fabrication. That means you can complete more jobs every month with faster lead times and installation.  

Quicken Steel Panel Production

Quicken dealers and installers enjoy:

  • Shorter Lead Times
  • Quicker Installation
  • Weld Free Installation
  • 20% – 25% Less Concrete
  • Limited Onsite Notching or Cutting

Our ACT Engineering Software Makes it Fast & Easy 

Our state of the art software is so easy to use, in just a matter of minutes, anyone can design their own 3D building to their exact specifications. Creating a replica of what the building will look like once complete. It also outlines all the cold-formed steel products and plans needed to build it.

With Quicken’s software modeling, you get:

  • A better understanding of colors, textures, and elevations.
  • Visual communication for buying confidence.
  • A cost-effective tool for comparing construction materials.
Dealer & Installer Software Example
Dealer & Installer 3d Software Example
Dealer and or installer looking over plans

What Makes a Successful Quicken Steel Distributor or Preferred Installer?

Customer focus that delivers a positive customer experience with every interaction is fundamental. Building on over 20 years of excellence, we pride ourselves on end-to-end customer satisfaction, operating with the highest quality standards. 


  1. A person or group driven to succeed
  2. A builder looking to branch out
  3. An operator of a successful complimentary business 
  4. An existing building business operator wanting to partner with an established manufacturer brand and take things to the next level

The steel building industry is changing to cold formed  

Metal buildings have been around for decades. They consist of red iron frames, red iron substructural members, or lower quality, flimsy pole structures. Red iron frames are fabricated and welded together, which is time consuming and labor intensive. Poll built structures are low quality and not made to withstand harsh elements. Now enter Cold Formed buildings. Quick to manufacture, hurricane-rated strength, and weld-free for faster installation.

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