QUICK & cost efficient single STORY SELF-STORAGE metal buildingS & COMPLEXES.

Single story designs are for creating ideal multi-bay mini-storage complexes and other commercial storage solutions. Quick to erect, this simple design ensures you won’t have long construction timelines eating into your bottom line. Stronger than poll self-storage buildings and quicker than stick and red iron, it’s the cost effective storage solution.

Single Level Self Storage Wide


Heavy snow, hurricane winds, pouring rain and more, our structures are rated to handle it all. They are engineered and designed stronger to last longer without constant costly maintenance. Our heavy gauged galvanized cold formed steel framing requires no welding steams. This elevates the structural integrity of your building. Our buildings use only the highest quality materials, purlins and components making them rust resistant as well as rot and termite free.


The sooner your storage facility is fully functional, the sooner you’re able to make the most of your investment. Quicken Steel can engineer, design, and deliver your storage building or complex in just a matter of weeks. We deliver faster.

Our frames require zero welding, cutting down on construction time compared to red iron buildings. And they are simple to setup and erect, saving you time and labor hours compared to stick builds. Find out just how quick, Quicken can build your next storage solution. Get in contact with us today and let’s get building.

Self Storage Metal Building


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