Quicker metal retail buildings in 3 easy steps.

As springtime quickly approaches, so does the right time for new retail and commercial ventures. Quicken can help design, engineer, and ship your new commercial building in just a matter of weeks. It’s the quickest way to be ready for the springtime shopping surge. Learn how you can open up shop quicker below.


Step 1: Start by asking yourself, who’s my target tenant? 

Every business comes with its own set of building needs. And if you manage several commercial spaces it can get complicated. If your target is restaurateurs and retail shops your building requirements will be different than staying strictly retail or customizing a stand alone building. Invison who you want your tenants to be, and we can help you build it to their exact requirements. Your space will be quicker and easier to rent or sell.


Quick Steel Retail Building Being Built
Interior of a quick steel retail building

Step 2: Understand your land and lot space 

Maximizing your space means maximizing your return on investment. This requires thinking through the customer and tenant experience. Parking, access from the street, foot traffic, common spaces, loading areas, waste planning, and single-story or multi-story capacity can all positively or negatively affect business potential. More building square footage doesn’t always translate to more bang for your buck.


Step 3: Help tenants see themselves in the space

While a rentable retail or commercial space should feel like a blank canvas for a business moving in, a tenant has to be able to see themselves in it. Large open areas can feel ambiguous and overwhelming. Just like staging a home, you are going to want to help add finishes that define spaces. Where would a counter or cashier station be? Where would you add a fitting room, or add out of site inventory space? Does the space need seating? Helping them understand your space, will help tenants see their vision coming to life in it.


Interior of a quick steel retail building

Get your retail building in as little as 2 weeks – designed, engineered, and delivered. 

Contact us today, and let our experts find the perfect steel solution for your needs.

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