Many consumers are confused, especially if they are first time buyers, on what type of stele building to  purchase. They already know about the strength and durability of steel but don’t know what to look for specifically in the quality of the building or the company they are considering buying from.

Consumers considering buying a new building often are tempted to look into renting instead. If you are building a business why rent when you can own? Leasing of a building can be substantially more in cost than ownership. Look to the advantages of home ownership in lieu of renting as a good example. You can purchase and erect a new steel building at half the price of similar sized conventional structures.

There are cheap metal buildings on the market. These so-called economy buildings bought through brokers are usually smaller in dimension and made of lesser strength 29 gauge steel. Look to rigid I-Beam constructed buildings with heavy-duty 26 gauge steel that will also meet your specific size requirements for the best results.

What are the choices in steel building companies for consumers? There are numerous steel building companies clamoring for your business. Many do not have substantial resources or expertise that can help the consumer. Slick websites and toll-free numbers are available to any company. Is the company just selling you a building or a complete service package? Credible steel building companies provide expert technical support and will offer a service package along with the building at no additional charge.

Many steel building companies will want you to send money ,a deposit ,before you know the total costs. They want you to get the ball rolling before you know the details of what you are getting and when. Look to a company that can ìlock inî your price with a small deposit and initiate your engineering. A quality company will assign an individual who is a project guide to help with the design of your building.

There are many varieties of steel buildings available on the market today. Quonset huts and pole barns are two styles that have been around a long time. They have a number of limitations. Quonset huts can be very expensive to insulate effectively and are unattractive. Quonset huts have no color choices and the arch of the building reduces available interior square footage. Pole barn companies usually require you to purchase the wood separately. Pole barns are more expensive to erect and have severe width limitations. Steel building manufacturers and suppliers utilizing I-Beam construction produce a product that is very familiar to quality contractors and erectors. Steel I-Beam structures go up fast, have a vast array of color choices, and very broad clear span width capabilities. They are engineered to resist the elements in your specific location and require no interior support posts.

Know before you purchase. A thorough understanding of the steel building market is vital.

Do Not Buy The Wrong Steel Building!

There are three major factors to consider before purchasing a steel building. Hopefully, the advice in this article will help you to make the right decision in determining the correct steel building for your size requirements and budget.

The first consideration is to be careful not to buy the cheapest priced and cheapest quality steel building on the market. Remember the old axiom – you get what you pay for. You need to be in a position to trust the salesperson and the company you are dealing with. If you like the features of the building being offered for sale and the final price this is probably the steel building that you need. Make sure you are comparing applies to apples when comparing steel buildings from different companies. Don’t rush to buy a building based on price alone but if the timing is right and the building meets the specifications you require then buy the building. A good rule as a checklist is to buy the building if you like it, you can afford it, and you can trust the company that will supply it. This is the time to purchase.

Some steel building companies offer buildings that are supposedly do it yourself. This is a correct statement in a number of instances if the building is small – as in a garage or storage shed. Larger steel buildings usually require the involvement of a qualified erector or general contractor. Make sure by talking with the building supplier before you buy the building that the building is truly a do it yourself project if so represented. If the building size requires professional installation ask the supplier about qualified erectors in your area. Know the price of the erection of your steel building before purchasing.

There are two issues that need to be addressed relating to permitting before you purchase a steel building. Zoning is one issue and structural approval is the second. Zoning officials may limit the size and configuration of your building. One procedure that will help to ensure zoning approval is to check the area where your steel building will be erected to see if similar styled structures to yours are already built. Generally, agricultural use buildings are exempt from permitting if they are out beyond the city limits on farms and ranches. The second issue, structure of your building, will need to be approved by the building inspectors and permitting officials. One way to check is to see if the steel building company you are considering using will provide certified, stamped, engineered blueprints, plans, and calculations for the steel building. These plans will prove to the local building officials that the building will conform to local loading conditions.

Paying attention to the three important factors mentioned in this article will go a long way to selecting and purchasing the correct steel building for your next project.

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